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Common Topics

Category Relevant Page
Management Corporate Philosophy
Company Outline
Sustainability Activities Message from President
Initiatives for the SDGs
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) at Sagawa Express
ESG Data ESG Data Book
External Evaluations External Evaluation


Policy Category Details
Environmental Philosophy/Policy Aiming to Realize a Carbon-free Society Environmentally Friendly Transportation
Environmentally Friendly Distribution Facilities
Aiming to Realize a Recycling-oriented Society Adoption of Eco-friendly Uniforms
Utilizing Biogas
Vehicle Recycling
Use of retread tires
Aiming to Realize a Society in Harmony with Nature Promoting Forest Protection Activities
Experience-based Nature Classes
Forest of Takao 100 years (Japanese Only)
Raising Awareness of the Need to Build a Sustainable Society Environmental Action
On-demand Classes on the Environment


Category Details
Traffic Safety Safety Management Systems
Developing Professional Drivers
Eco Safe Driving Initiatives
Vehicle Safety Measures
Protecting Children's Safety
Creating a Safe Society
Occupational Safety and Health Policy
Quality Control Quality Initiatives
Transportation Information for Customers
Initiatives to Increase Customer Satisfaction
Personnel Development Training System
Career Paths
Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) D&I Promotion Structure
Initiatives to Promote Active Participation by Women
D&I Promotion Initiatives
External Evaluations, Certifications, and Declarations
Social Contribution Town Support
Examples of Town Support Initiatives
Other Initiatives
Promotion of Sustainable Procurement Policy for the Management and Education of Business Partners
Business Partner CSR Guidelines
Business Partner Management Rules
Business Partner Management and Education System
Business Partner Management and Education-Targets and Achievements
Business Partner Management and Education Initiatives


Category Details
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Policy
Compliance Compliance Policy
Compliance Structure
Compliance Initiatives
Risk Management Risk Management / Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Systems
Information Security Information Security Policy
Information Security Response

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