Aiming to Realize a Recycling-oriented SocietyEnvironment

Sagawa Express is promoting initiatives to efficiently recycle valuable resources in every area of its business activities.
We are promoting 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) initiatives, such as wearing eco- friendly uniforms, recycling vehicles, and reducing inventory loss.

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Adoption of Eco-friendly Uniforms

Adoption of Eco Mark-certified uniforms, all made from recycled PET plastic bottles

As plastic debris in the oceans is attracting attention as a global problem, Sagawa Express is working to promote circulation of plastic resources. As part of this, Sagawa Express has adopted Eco Mark-certified uniforms made by recycling plastic bottles. In fiscal 2022 we purchased about 8 million uniforms. We have also adopted Eco Mark-certified gloves for SALES DRIVER® personnel, and in fiscal 2022 we purchased approximately 300,000 pairs. Sagawa Express will continue to promote a recycling-oriented society.

Our uniforms are Eco Mark-certified. The uniforms purchased in FY 2022 were made by recycling 581,944 plastic beverage bottles (500 ml size), and the cumulative total for uniforms purchased to date is about 17.43 million bottles. Used uniforms are recycled as fuel for ironworks.

Utilizing Biogas

Using natural gas trucks that run on renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions during package collection and delivery

Biogas results from methane fermentation of organic waste (biomass) such as livestock manure, kitchen waste, sewage sludge, scrap wood, and animals and plants. Sagawa Express is using biogas as a fuel for some of its natural gas trucks. Biogas is an inexhaustible and renewable energy resource that lowers emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2, because it has a neutral impact on the carbon cycle in the environment.

Natural gas trucks at the Higashi Kobe Sales Office are being operated using biogas which is obtained from purification of digestion gas generated from sludge in the sewage treatment facility in Kobe.

Vehicle Recycling

Environmentally friendly in all stages from body manufacturing to installation and disposal

Sagawa Express also takes the environment into consideration when disposing of its trucks. Group company SG Motors handles the disposal delivery trucks for Sagawa Express. It properly disposes of them in a way that has minimal environmental impact.

Use of retread tires

Reducing environmental impact by adopting retread tires that reuse used tires

Sagawa Express uses retread tires for the rear wheels of its trucks. In FY2022, we purchased 6,375 tires. Retread tires are manufactured by reusing the base of worn tires and pasting new rubber to the tread that touches the road surface.
By using retread tires, we will continue to contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Environmental reduction effect of retread tires

Approximately 68% resource reduction compared to new products

Approximately 64% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to new products

Source: Refer to the website of the National Retreaded Tire Council

Case Example of Stretch Film Recycling

Recycling used stretch film into garbage bags

Sagawa Express is working with Nozoe Industry Inc. on recycling the stretch film that has been used for transport. We used to dispose of used stretch film as industrial waste. We have now developed a system whereby Nozoe Industry collects stretch film from the business sites of Sagawa Express and utilizes it as raw material for polyethylene garbage bags and other products, and then Sagawa Express purchases those garbage bags.
In FY2022, approximately 24 tons of used stretch film was recycled into garbage bags. We will continue our efforts to reduce waste emissions by recycling stretch film.

Stretch film recycling flow

Recycled product manufacturing flow

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