Creating a Safe SocietySocial

We are conducting various activities with regional communities to create a society with thorough traffic safety where people can travel with peace of mind.

Safety Initiatives at Our Sales Offices

One of the safety award systems we have in place at Sagawa Express is the Continuous Accident-free Award System for our sales offices. Results are calculated by multiplying the number of vehicles at the sales office by the number of days without accidents, helping to encourage all drivers in our sales offices to work together to ensure safe driving.

Safety Initiatives at Our Sales Offices

Between September 12 and 13, 2017, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism assessed our transportation and safety management. As a result, we earned high praise for the various transport safety initiatives that are led by upper management and general managers of safety.
Looking ahead, we will continue to engage in initiatives to enhance companywide safety awareness.

Recognition as an Excellent Safety Workplace

As of June 2023, 396 sales offices at Sagawa Express have been recognized as Excellent Safety Workplaces. Courtesy of a national trucking rationalization organization, Excellent Safety Workplace recognition is awarded to sales offices conducting excellent traffic safety initiatives. We will continue working to ensure that our initiatives receive high acclaim.

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