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  • 3.Good health and well being
  • 5.Gender equality
  • 7.Affordablwe and clean energy
  • 8.Decent work and economic growth
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  • 13.Climate action

Compliance Policy

At Sagawa Express, based on the policy of the SG Holdings Group, we are working to build a corporate culture that enables employees to respond to changes in social and management environments, and engage in business activities with high ethical standards and an excellent awareness of compliance. The SG Holdings Group Code of Ethics and Conduct is fundamental to Group compliance. Based on this Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as our Compliance Regulations, we are working to establish and maintain an approach in which we can execute operations with high ethical standards, while ensuring appropriate business management and the maintenance and improvement of our social credibility.

Compliance Structure

At Sagawa Express, our compliance structure is centered on the Compliance Promotion Department, which also coordinates with other departments, while the Internal Audit Department is responsible for checking levels of compliance. We also operate the SG Holdings Group Compliance Hotline as an internal whistleblowing system. This hotline was set up to allow employees, their families, and partner companies to report actions that violate laws and regulations, internal rules, or the Code of Ethics and Conduct. In FY2017 we also launched an external hotline and an overseas hotline. The SG Holdings Group is also proactively engaged in efforts to prevent insider trading. With more companies listed overseas being welcomed into the Group, and an increasing number of opportunities to form business and capital alliances with listed companies, the Group is building the necessary management structure by setting lock-up periods and requiring advance applications for stock dealings.

Compliance Initiatives

Code of Ethics and Conduct Training Sessions

The SG Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Conduct clearly states that, in addition to respecting international standards, including those related to human rights, we should care for all of our stakeholders and respect their cultures, customs, and other traits. The Group places particular focus on developing ethical standards among its employees and using these standards to boost self improvement. As such, every month the Group hosts Code of Ethics and Conduct training sessions online for all employees.

Harassment Initiatives

To create comfortable working environments for our employees, at Sagawa Express we continuously offer harassment education through meetings and e-learning programs. For managers, we offer separate management training programs. In addition, we are also reinforcing education for newly appointed managers at our sales offices.

Issuance and Usage of the Laws and Regulations Handbook

As one part of our compliance education, we have created the Laws and Regulations Handbook to help employees notice legal violations that could occur in the workplace and to prevent occurrence and recurrence in advance.

Laws and Regulations Handbook Content​

The handbook uses simple yet familiar case studies to show employees how ignorance and minor rule violations can in fact lead to major violations of laws and regulations. In doing so, it communicates and helps employees realize the importance of strict compliance.
We continuously offer education using the handbook through mainly group training sessions, compliance seminars, and internal portal websites.

Blockage of Relationships with Anti-social Forces

For the purpose of eliminating dealings with antisocial forces that threaten the safety and order of society, we have established Exclusion of Anti-social Forces Regulations. We are working hard to block relationships with anti-social forces, refusing to respond to unjust demands, backroom deals, or provision of funds. This is clearly stated in the Basic Policy of Internal Control, the Charter of Corporate Conduct, and the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and we work to ensure that all employees are fully cognizant of them. More specifically, we have (1) instituted the continuous review ("anti-social check") of attributes of counterparties (both customers and business partners) and (2) established an Unjust Demand Hotline to ensure the quick resolution of cases when employees receive unjust demands. We continue to strengthen these systems and by sharing information on anti-social forces and responses to them we strive to fully prevent and block interference of our business partners.

Compliance Initiatives at the SG Holdings Group

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