Developing Professional DriversSocial

It is essential to develop professional truck drivers to prevent traffic accidents from occurring.
We are thus encouraging drivers to be aware of the fact that they are professionals and equipping them with the necessary driving techniques and expertise on safety assurance.

Improving Safety through a Licensing System

Aiming to develop drivers who do not cause traffic accidents, we have introduced the Sagawa License System to certify our driving instructors. We have developed two safety certifications-Advanced SD Instructor and Advanced Safe Driving Examiner-with Advanced SD Instructors responsible for the man-to-man development of new drivers. Advanced Safe Driving Examiners are responsible for new drivers'final certification before they go out alone, while they also undertake final examinations for drivers returning to driving duties.
To further enhance the abilities of our safe driving instructors, we have renewed the content of our Advanced SD Instructor and Advanced Safe Driving Examiner Accreditation Training programs. The new content places particular emphasis on the acquisition of communication skills to help build relationships with new employees, and the improvement of instruction skills for both driving and operational tasks.

New Driver Training Flow

Aiming for the Pinnacle in Traffic Safety with the Truck Driving Championships

In the Sagawa Express Truck Driving Championships, which we have hosted since 1993, drivers compete on their level of expertise, safe and eco-friendly driving techniques, and the competency of their daily inspections.
Employees compete over their everyday achievements and vehicle inspection techniques

Training Facilities

At Sagawa Express, to ensure thorough development and guidance for our truck drivers, we have practical training facilities with their own driving training courses in the Kanto, Chukyo, and Shikoku regions. We have replicated crossroads with poor visibility and other urban road environments to implement effective practical guidance for safe driving on public roads.
Ayase Training Center

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