Environmental Philosophy

Sagawa Express has established basic policies for voluntary and continuous environmental preservation as a "good corporate citizen" and seeks to coexist with society and nature while engaging in environmental issues on a global scale and contributing to the development of local communities.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will seek to make ongoing improvements for environmental preservation by promoting the improvement of transportation efficiency, introduction of low-pollution vehicles and implementation of environmentally friendly driving, with the aim of preventing global warming and air pollution caused by exhaust gases.
  2. We will promote resource saving, energy saving and the 3Rs, and make improvements, plans and proposals for initiatives aimed at the creation of a recycling society.
  3. We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, agreements and other requirements, and strive to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution of the environment.
  4. We will disseminate the basic policy to all employees and promote environmental activities through environmental education and activities to raise awareness. In addition, we will provide the public with information on this policy and our environmental activities.
  5. We will strive to make ongoing improvements to environmental management systems by setting and periodically reviewing environmental goals and environmental targets.

Kimiaki Sasamori, Managing Director

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