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To prevent vehicle defects that could lead to accidents in advance, we are promoting vehicle safety through our thorough vehicle management system.

Thorough Vehicle Management System to Prevent Accidents

Not only does thorough vehicle maintenance and inspection help to prevent accidents caused by vehicle defects in advance, but it also helps to reduce our environmental impact.
Drivers conduct daily inspections before driving their vehicle and carry out thorough, periodic inspections and preventative maintenance.
SG Motors, which is in charge of our vehicle maintenance operations, implements vehicle inspections and maintenance at 22 maintenance factories covering 17 sales offices nationwide (as of June 2023).

SG Motors'vehicle maintenance network

Safe Driving Guidance Using 360-degree Drive Recorders

We use a 360-degree drive recorder to check whether safe driving techniques are correctly being implemented.
Further, using GPS data from these drive recorders, we can automatically detect whether drivers are temporarily stopping at specified locations. Supervisors use this data to implement objective, highly effective driver guidance.

Obstacle Detection to Prevent Reversing Accidents

When reversing, sonar sensors attached to the rear of the vehicle help to detect any obstacles. These sensors help call attention to obstacles through warning noises that change depending on the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle and distance displays on in-vehicle monitors. This helps to prevent reversing accidents that occur when obstacles are overlooked.

Effective Use of Near Miss Experiences in Safety Education

We are making effective use of videos that show dangerous, near misses when driving for driver education. Drivers also share useful videos for use in discussions in which participants can examine safety countermeasures together.

Ensuring Safety during Long-haul Transportation

At Sagawa Express we are engaged in various initiatives to ensure safety in long-haul transportation and boost motivation among drivers including those of our partner companies.

Long-haul Transport Safety Patrols

To prevent vehicle breakdowns and traffic accidents among long-haul drivers in advance, we carry out Sagawa Express Long-haul Transport Safety Patrols once a year.
In FY2019, we conducted vehicle inspections and breathalyzer tests on 1,884 vehicles and drivers at the service areas and parking areas of Japan's major highways. In doing so, we raised awareness of the importance of preventing vehicle accidents and breakdowns in advance.

Long-haul Partner Company Safety Seminars

At Sagawa Express, we host safety seminars for management personnel at partner companies involved in our long-haul transportation operations. In FY2019, we welcomed approximately 200 participants to these seminars.

Long-haul Transport Terminal Inspections

To raise safety awareness among our drivers, sales office managers and supervisors use dedicated check sheets to conduct vehicle maintenance checks alongside partner company employees at all hubs where long-haul transportation drivers stop. In FY2019, we conducted vehicle maintenance checks on 4,742 vehicles.

  • Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, since FY2020 we have suspended our Long-haul Transport Safety Patrols, Long-haul Partner Company Safety Seminars, and Long-haul Transport Terminal Inspections.

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