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At Sagawa Express, in 2011 we announced the promotion of active participation by women as one of our key management strategies, and we have worked to build an organization with an awareness of individuality and diversity. In 2019, this management strategy evolved into diversity and inclusion (D&I), and since then we have promoted the acceptance of LGBT and other diverse individualities, and implemented initiatives to improve work-life balance and labor productivity. In doing so, we are working to create a workplace environment in which all employees can work with real energy.

Related SDGs

  • 5.Gender equality
  • 8.Decent work and economic growth

D&I Promotion Structure

D&I promotion efforts are led by SG Holdings, which works with each Group company to implement the necessary Groupwide initiatives.

At Sagawa Express, in 2013 we launched the Sagawa Wakuwaku Committee, creating a robust promotion structure led by the president. The committee comprises the managers of 18 branches nationwide, as well as female branch committee members, who report directly to the president. This committee helped to accelerate efforts aimed at promoting the active participation by women throughout the company.

In 2019, the Sagawa Wakuwaku Committee was renamed the D&I Promotion Committee, expanding its scope of activity from the promotion of active participation by women to include the promotion of diversity and inclusion. The D&I Promotion Committee is taking a bottom-up approach, implementing activities mainly through committee members from nationwide branches and sales offices.

Initiatives to Promote Active Participation by Women

Since the establishment of the Sagawa Wakuwaku Committee in 2013, Sagawa Express has continued various activities to promote women's active participation, focusing on three key themes: improving the working environment, promoting initiatives and awareness reform, and supporting career development. As a result, the percentage of female employees on our workforce has risen by more than 10%, while the number of women in management positions has also increased.

Trends in ratio of female employees
Trends in ratio of female managers
Improvement of labor environments

2013 onwards

  • Improvement of workplace facilities
    We made use of female employees' opinions to improve workplace facilities that were designed from a male perspective.
  • Elimination of female-only uniforms (for clerical staff)
    To eliminate difference in appearance between men and women due to their uniforms, we eliminated the use of gender-based uniforms.

2014 onwards

  • Operation of the Sagawa Wakuwaku Notice Board
    To promote connections among female Sagawa employees nationwide, we began operation of the Sagawa Wakuwaku Notice Board through social media. The creation of workplace environments in which employees can express their opinions through this Notice Board has helped to improve employee retention rates.
  • Launch of Pink Ribbon activities and Sagawa breast cancer screenings
    To create a company in which women can work with peace of mind over the long term, we commenced Pink Ribbon activities and Sagawa breast cancer screenings.In 2014 to 2020, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, all employees wore pink ribbon patches to communicate the importance of breast cancer screening outside the company. Now, during the campaign period, we roll out cancer screening vans nationwide, enabling female employees and the partners of our male employees to undergo breast cancer screening.In fiscal 2023, in addition to breast cancer screening, mobile bone density screening is being offered at our sales offices across the country. Female employees enrolled in the SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Association can now receive medical examinations with no copayment.
Sagawa Express Supports the Pink Ribbon Campaign
Occupational Safety and Health
Promotion of initiatives and awareness reform

2013 onwards

  • Diversity Management Seminars
    To first promote awareness reform among male managers, we invited external instructors to give talks on the importance of diversity management.
  • Publication of an in-house newsletter for female employees
    In 2013, we launched our Waku-Waku in-house newsletter for female employees. The newsletter introduced the details of our initiatives and helped to promote understanding.
    In 2017, the newsletter was renewed as WAKU-WAKU-WOMAN, aiming to promote awareness reform and help employees improve their skills and careers.
    In 2019, the newsletter underwent a further renewal to promote D&I across the Group, and was relaunched as the in-Group newsletter HITO.

2014 onwards

  • Establishment of the Sagawa Wakuwaku Awards
    In 2014, we launched the Sagawa Wakuwaku Awards to recognize initiatives that successfully promoted active participation by women, helping to stimulate, spread, and promote related activities.
    In 2018, the name was changed to the Sagawa Diversity Awards to recognize not only the promotion of women's active participation, but also initiatives to improve the work environment to make it easier for diverse personnel to work, promote diversity, and contribute to corporate culture reform.
Support for career development

2013 onwards

  • Implementation of mentoring programs
    Mentoring program to support women's careers. In this program, female managers support potential next-generation female managers to develop and nurture their leadership awareness, which has led to a change in the attitudes of the women themselves. Currently, individual training plans are being developed for each candidate and systematic training and promotion is being implemented under the guidance and support of their superiors.

D&I Promotion Initiatives

LGBT Initiatives

At Sagawa Express, we are aiming to create workplaces that are both comfortable and rewarding for all our employees. We therefore believe that it is important for everyone to have suitable knowledge and recognition of LGBT matters, as well as the ability to respond appropriately to LGBT issues. As such, in addition to study groups led by SG Holdings, at Sagawa Express we regularly host e-learning classes to equip all our employees with basic LGBT knowledge.We also conducted LGBT training for all managers and supervisors in fiscal 2022. At the same time, the ALLY Statement was issued by those who supported it. We will continue to expand the scope of the initiative and provide ongoing education and training.

Work-life Balance Initiatives

At Sagawa Express, to enable each employee to fulfil their role in the workplace, and to help them balance both work and personal life depending on their lifestyle or life stage, we have developed various systems to support diverse workstyles.

Enhancement of Work-life Balance Support Systems

At Sagawa Express, on March 21, 2016, we further enhanced our systems to help employees live fulfilling lives by supporting the balance between work and childcare.

Childcare Support

Childcare leave Employees can take childcare leave until the day before their child becomes three years old.
Childcare and short-hour work system Employees can make use of this system until the last day of their child's year in grade four (March 31).
Paternity leave Male employees can take three days leave within a month before or after their partner's expected date of birth.
Nursing care leave Employees can take up to 10 days leave each year (20 days if they have more than two children) until the last day of their child's year in grade four (March 31), to care for them when they are sick or injured, or to attend immunizations or health checks.

Encouraging male employees to take parental leave

A message from the company's President in 2022 says that the company aims to become "a company where everyone can balance working and raising children. "In addition to preparing a "Men's Parental Leave Handbook" to make the system known to all employees, we are working to create an environment where employees feel comfortable taking leave by regularly sharing past examples and providing education.

Caregiving Support

Caregiving leave Employees with family members who require care can take a total of 180 days leave together with their use of the caregiving short-hour work system.
Caregiving short-hour work system Employees with family members who require care can take a total of 180 days leave together with their use of caregiving leave.
Caregiving holiday Employees can take up to 10 days leave each year for each applicable family member to provide them with care or to attend hospital with them.

Working from home program

To accommodate different work styles, we have adopted a work-from-home program. (Adopted for some operations at the head office and the sales offices)

External Evaluations, Certifications, and Declarations

2019: The SG Holdings Group is awarded the Basic Achievement Second Prize in the Corporate Awards category at the 2019 J-Win Diversity Awards

Awarding organization: Japan Women's Innovative Network (J-Win)

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First in the logistics industry to be awarded the Basic Achievement Second Prize in the Corporate Awards at the 2019 J-Win Diversity Awards (Japanese Only)

2018: The SG Holdings Group wins the Corporate Prize at the 2018 J-Win Diversity Awards

Awarding organization: Japan Women's Innovative Network (J-Win)

2017: Iku Boss Declaration

2014: Acquisition of the Kurumin Mark for support of the next generation

Awarding organization: Kyoto Labour Bureau Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

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