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Corporate Governance Policy

At Sagawa Express, based on the policy of the SG Holdings Group, stakeholder management is fundamental to our approach to management. This stakeholder management comprises five key pillars: 1) Continuous improvement of our level of customer service; 2) Stabilization and improvement of the foundation of living of our employees and their families, 3) Contributions to local communities, their safety and environment through diverse business and social activities, 4) enhancement of corporate value for our shareholders and 5) Equal and fair transactions with business partners. In this way, we are engaged in various business activities to meet the expectations of our various stakeholders. We understand that in order to successfully implement stakeholder management, one of our most important challenges is to build a highly transparent management structure through the enhancement and reinforcement of our corporate governance. As such, we are moving forward with the development of various systems, and have formulated the Sagawa Express Basic Internal Control Policy to guide our internal control.

Corporate Governance Initiatives at the SG Holdings Group

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