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At COP15 held in December 2022, Nature Positive was set as a new international goal to halt and reverse biodiversity loss to put nature on a path to recovery by 2030.
In the "Forest of Takao 100 years," which Sagawa Express owns in Hachioji City, Tokyo, we undertake initiatives to contribute to Nature Positive.

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Forest Preservation

Over a decade of forest preservation activities through the Forest of Takao 100 years project

Sagawa Express is working to preserve forests, which help absorb CO2 emissions from delivery trucks and other aspects of our business activities. The Forest of Takao 100 years project started in 2007, carried out by the cooperative efforts of numerous parties including citizens, universities and other educational institutions, academic experts, and NPOs. The restoration of undeveloped satoyama valuable for preventing global warming and where people and nature can exist in harmony is symbolized by the phrase "100 years," with the project proceeding on an unhurried, natural time scale.

Forest of Takao 100 years Project Concept

Sagawa Express undeveloped woodlands revitalization project: Forest of Takao 100 years

About 50 hectares of forest Sagawa Express owns in Tokyo's Hachioji City are being used to convey the importance of protecting forests through preservation activities such as tree planting.

Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System (SEGES)

Forest of Takao 100 years has been certified under the Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System (SEGES) in the Sodateru Midori (Nurtured Greenery) category. This program evaluates healthy green spaces and the ongoing activities and initiatives to preserve them.
SEGES is a program run by the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure in Tokyo. It evaluates and certifies healthy green spaces created by companies and other organizations, as well as their ongoing activities and efforts to preserve them. These well-maintained green spaces are contributing to society and the environment.

SEGES Website

Nature Experience Activities

Learning about the connections between nature and people through - satoyama experiences

As part of the Forest of Takao 100 Year project, Sagawa Express has been providing nature experiences to children, the next generation. In 2016, the project activities were evaluated, and the forest became the first in Tokyo to be certified as a "Place for Experience Opportunities," based on the Act on the Promotion of Environmental Conservation Activities through Environmental Education.

Nature experience in the Forest of Takao 100 years: The activity was held fifteen times in fiscal 2022, and 337 people participated.

Main Nature Experience Training

Month Activity Number of Participants
April Conservation Activities by Employees 13
May Youth Satoyama Work(1) 27
June Youth Satoyama Work(2) 22
July Youth Satoyama Work(3) 19
September Youth Satoyama Work(4) 14
October Forest Conservation Experiences by Companies(1) 56
Forest Conservation Experiences by Companies(2) 50
Satoyama Training for Working Adults(1) 20
Youth Satoyama Work(5) 13
November Satoyama Training for Working Adults(2) 26
Satoyama Training for Working Adults(3) 20
Outdoor Activities by University Students 11
December Youth Satoyama Work(6) 16
January Youth Satoyama Work(7) 14
February Youth Satoyama Work(8) 16
FY2022 Total 337

For details on the activities, please visit the "Forest of Takao 100 years" website.
Forest of Takao 100 years website (Japanese Only)

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