Raising Awareness of the Need to Build a Sustainable SocietyEnvironment

At Sagawa Express, all employees have a high degree of environmental awareness and are working to help solve environmental issues.
Awareness of the importance of environmental conservation is being spread not only to employees, but also to their families and the wider community.

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Environmental Action

Ongoing activities since 2003 to raise the awareness of all employees

All employees at Sagawa Express Sales Offices nationwide are highly aware of environmental issues. Believing that it is important for employees to take the initiative in environmental activities, beginning in fiscal 2003 Environmental Actions are established every year, and are implementing environmental activities based on employee participation.

At business sites across Japan, Sagawa Express puts up posters to raise employee awareness of environmental actions. They are prepared based on monthly environmental themes.

Annual Activities

April Environmental Activitis Declaration (The target of each business site was added to awareness-building posters)
May Cleanup Activity(A)
June Promotion of Environmental Activitis Declaration
July Promotion of Water Saving(B)
August Summer Energy Saving Action(C)
October Promotion of 3R action(D)
November Promotion of Eco-Friendly Driving
December Winter Energy Saving Action
March Reduction of plastic waste

On-demand Classes on the Environment

Since 2003, Sagawa Express has regularly held traffic safety classes in the community for children and the elderly. More than 1.5 million people have participated in the program so far. As part of this, we hold environmental classes for students to learn the importance of environmental conservation. Sagawa Express is also engaged in environmental awareness activities such as providing On-demand Classes on the Environment and participating in local environmental events.

Under the theme of "environmentally friendly ways to carry packages," our On-demand Classes on the Environment inform students about the eco-friendly logistics initiatives of Sagawa Express and its forest preservation activities. The material is delivered in a way that is fun and easy to understand, using quizzes and delivery demonstrations.
Sagawa Express also participates in community environmental events. In August 2019, we held a woodworking event using wood harvested during tree-thinning activities in a forest owned by the SG Holdings Group in Kagawa Prefecture.

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