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Safety Management Systems

With the revision of the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act in October 2006, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism introduced the Transport Safety Management System to ensure the continuous improvement of safety. At Sagawa Express, we have positioned safety assurance as our most important management challenge, and have established the Safety Measures Committee to promote safety initiatives. The general manager of safety serves as the chairman of the committee, and the head of the department responsible at the head office safety serves as vice chairman. Branch managers and general managers of head office departments make up the committee members.
Top management deliberates over various safety matters and checks the progress of safety activities through monthly safety meetings held by committee members. Further, regular taskforce meetings are held by safety promotion managers at each branch to examine safety measures and improvements that reflect frontline opinions. We have also deployed safety promotion managers to each sales office-which function as driver hubs-and strive to ensure smooth communication to create an environment in which drivers can go about their work with peace of mind. This is fundamental to our safe driving management.

Safety Management Systems


As a company that uses public roads for its business operations, we strive to ensure safety in our transportation activities with "Safety over everything" as our underlying theme.
Aiming to create a safe society, we are working to prevent accidents in advance to protect children and seniors from danger.

Developing Professional Drivers

It is essential to develop professional truck drivers to prevent traffic accidents from occurring. We are thus encouraging drivers to be aware of the fact that they are professionals and equipping them with the necessary driving techniques and expertise on safety assurance.

Eco Safe Driving Initiatives

Recognizing the commonalities between safe and eco-friendly driving, we are promoting our proprietary Eco Safe Driving method which considers both safety and the environment.

Vehicle Safety Measures

To prevent vehicle defects that could lead to accidents in advance, we are promoting vehicle safety through our thorough vehicle management system.

Protecting Children's Safety

To protect the lives of children and ensure that as many children can avoid dangerous situations as possible, we host Sagawa Express Traffic Safety Classes to teach children the importance of abiding by traffic safety rules.

Creating a Safe Society

We are conducting various activities with regional communities to create a society with thorough traffic safety where people can travel with peace of mind.

We also provide Safe Driving Training Services based on these safety initiatives.

See here for more details on Safe Driving Training Services

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