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By creating mechanisms whereby employees can realize self-growth through their work and work with a sense of purpose, we will aim to promote the development of autonomous personnel.

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  • 4.Quality Education
  • 8.Decent work and economic growth

Training System

At Sagawa Express, we place particular focus on training to ensure that employees value our customers' trust and carry forward our "Hikyaku no Kokoro" (the spirit of the Edo-era express messengers), as well as to support their growth. We will continue developing outstanding employees and management personnel through training programs and on-the-job training.

New Employee Training

Following their basic training, new employees undergo practical training based on their role at their respective sales offices. Qualified employees provide on-the-job training to help new employees acquire the necessary skills for their actual work, such as product knowledge and customer service capabilities. New employee training lasts for between 30 to 70 days. Through various curricula, new employees can acquire real skills within this timeframe.

New drivers first undergo basic driving training using actual vehicles. They then continue to engage in detailed, in-vehicle training alongside instructors until they can drive alone, ensuring that even complete beginners can acquire the necessary safe driving techniques. Even after new drivers are qualified to drive alone, they receive further training through driver mentoring around one, three, six, and twelve months after their qualification.

In the same way as for drivers, we also have educational curricula in place for customer service and other administrative staff. Specifically, we have created a system whereby new employees are equipped with the full set of necessary skills one year after joining the company.

New employee training flow

Rank-based Training

We also have training programs to help employees acquire the skills and expertise required for their rank, as well as to help them further develop their careers. Further, in addition to training programs hosted by Sagawa Express, employees can also participate in training programs put on by the SG Holdings Group.

Career Paths

At both Sagawa Express and within the SG Holdings Group there are a wide range of career development programs available for employees. There are programs for sales office employees who want to take the step up to sales office manager, those who want to utilize their experience in sales to become sales supervisors at the head office and provide comprehensive logistics solutions to major corporations, those who want to make use of their management skills in the head office administration departments, and more. With motivation and effort, the possibilities for employees at Sagawa Express are endless.

Instructor System-From Learning to Teaching

One of our in-house qualification systems is the Sagawa License System. Advanced SD Instructors are responsible for the man-to-man development of new drivers, while Advanced Safe Driving Examiners are responsible for certifying new drivers' ability to go out alone, as well as final examinations for drivers returning to their driving duties. Frontline staff are essential to Sagawa Express as they are in charge of direct contact with our customers.
Frontline instructors are responsible for developing the personnel who are essential to Sagawa Express. As such, we understand that this responsibility cannot be entrusted to anyone, and that instructors must satisfy certain conditions and possess certain knowledge.

Open Application System

This system allows employees to take on new challenges and independently apply for different roles at Sagawa Express or within the SG Holdings Group. Whether employees want to use their experience to contribute to another business, or realize their work ambitions, this system helps them design and create turning points in their careers.

  • SALES DRIVER® (describing a driver who is engaged in both delivery/collection and sales at Sagawa Express) is a registered trademark of SG Holdings Corporation.

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