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In large-scale office buildings, many delivery vehicles stop until the tenants move in, so it is important to adjust the unloading process. To help you unload efficiently, we will ask you for the details in advance and offer full support from the preparation phase until relocation. We also put a protective covering tailored to the facility to avoid any damage.

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Recommended if you

Developers, PM companies, or BM companies

  • Facilities that need smooth operations, including large complex facilities

Benefits of GOAL

  • We support the whole relocation process of offices of all sizes.
  • Out total support ranges from the transport of construction equipment to regular relocations.
  • We construct efficient operations to solve problems with a narrow receiving and shipping place with an insufficient parking lot.
  • We comprehensively handle a wide range of operations, such as B/C constructions and relocation. We carefully cover walls and floors under equipment and products to be brought in and the site conditions.

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