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By centrally controlling the vehicles and shipments that enter and leave the facility as well as the people who enter the facility to deliver the shipments, we increase the efficiency of the vehicles and shipments inside the facility. Efficiently managing the unloading process inside the facility enables us to smoothly deliver the shipments to the tenants. Moreover, reducing the number of delivery vehicles helps eliminate traffic jams/congestion inside and around the facility. This reduces CO

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Recommended if you

Developers, PM companies, or BM companies

  • Planned large complex facilities
  • Facilities in the downtown area, including large commercial complexes and station buildings
  • Facilities with concerns about traffic congestion in the surrounding area
  • Facilities with problems with small freight handling space or a shortage of parking lots for freight handling

Benefits of GOAL

  • You can realize more efficient freight handling and smoother coming and going of delivery vehicles.
  • Centralizing control of physical distribution at the facility ensures security.
  • Joint delivery reduces tenants' non-core business activities.
  • Promoting facility maintenance enables repair cost reductions.

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