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We offer temporary luggage storage, same-day hotel shipping, an airport pick-up service, and a comprehensive duty-free counter for Japanese and overseas travelers to turn the transportation and waiting time that they used to spend into time to enjoy sightseeing.

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Recommended if you

  • Are a travel agent who wants to provide additional services to travelers
  • Are an accommodation facility that needs space to store luggage after check-out
  • Are public transportation with space issues caused by large luggage
  • Are a commercial facility aiming to increase purchase occasion

Benefits of GOAL

  • Permanent stores are available at airports, train stations, and tourist spots; they are easily accessible to travelers.
  • Permanent stores can be used as service touch points for travelers.
  • Same-day delivery of duty-free products to hotels and airports is possible.
  • By providing additional services, you can establish differentiation from other companies.
  • This service contributes to avoiding accidents and problems caused by carry-on cases.
  • Empty-handed shopping can increase sales.

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