We find hidden issues and offer optimal physical distribution solutions.
Our advanced logistics team will guide your project to success.

Sagawa’s Strengths

To fulfill your physical distribution needs, we at Sagawa operate various businesses, from delivery and logistics to overseas/international businesses, real estate, and IT system businesses. We create one-stop, custom-made physical distribution solutions for the entire supply chain to suggest you the optimal solution for your business.


The Solutions We Can Offer

To support your entire supply chain,
we offer various solutions from the procurement of materials and parts from overseas and their storage and processing until their delivery to stores in Japan.

Cases and Achievements

Finding Solutions Based on Your Logistics Issues and Concerns

GOAL® Analyzes Your Physical Distribution

Having issues with physical distribution? This diagnosis will give you an optimum solution. Just answer some simple questions and you will review various potential issues and learn about services that fit your business situation.