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For the smooth operation and management of complex and commercial facilities, we support you in putting a physical distribution plan as early as in the design phase. We check the adequacy of the route of delivery vehicles, from the entrance of the facility to the cargo-handling area, and the capacity of the cargo-handling compartments in those vehicles. As early as in the design phase, we identify the issues that may arise after the commencement of operations and offer suggestions for improvement, such as planning the number of freight elevators and the placement of a multipurpose room in the back.

Recommended if you

Developers, PM companies, or BM companies

  • Who is planning to build a complex facility or a commercial facility
  • Who wants a facility design enabling efficient use of backyard spaces such as a freight handling space

Benefits of GOAL

  • As early as in the design phase, we advise from the physical distribution perspective.
  • We predict the number of delivery vehicles. Depending on the size and usage of the building/facility.
  • We propose how to streamline physical distribution after the completion of construction.
  • This service can be a help in preparing documents to be submitted to each ministry and agency.

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