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We help manage events that take place across Japan, such as exhibitions, music festivals, and marathons in terms of logistics. In addition to offering our main service of loading and unloading goods and equipment, we also undertake the setup, construction, and takedown of the venue. We can also provide temporary staffing. In addition, we will help shorten the waiting time of exhibitors and reduce the number of delivery vehicles. We accept cashless payments to keep visitors’ luggage and ship packages.

Image of Event Support solution(carrying in)
Image of Event Support solution(carry out)
Image of Event Support solution(Sports Logistics)

Recommended if you

  • Are a host with a wide range of coordination partners
  • Are an operating company troubled by loading and unloading
  • Are an exhibitor troubled by baggage management
  • Are an exhibition hall with concern about cleanup time

Benefits of GOAL

  • We support your comprehensive control of event operations.
  • Integrated systems to manage exhibitors’ luggage are available.
  • The efficiency of installation and take-down operations will be improved.
  • A single point of contact can handle multiple business consignments.
  • This service ensures the followings: simple application via smartphone or PC, web-based payments, no need for handwritten delivery slips, and reduced waiting time at delivery counters.
    In addition, the services can create contactless opportunities and have a beneficial effect on measures against infectious diseases even under the situation with Covid-19
  • With a QR code, you can authenticate the applicants and avoid trouble.

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