Operation of External Warehouses for Commercial FacilitiesFacility Management


Since commercial facilities only have limited backyard spaces used as warehouses, work spaces, and kitchens, there is not much room for enhancing efficiency within the facilities. So, you can use external warehouses to store products and materials and review the efficiency of your whole commercial facility. We not only propose storage places but also help you review the whole physical distribution management.

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Recommended if you

Developers, PM companies, BM companies, or retailers in a commercial facility

  • Have issues with backyard spaces
  • Want to review the physical distribution efficiency of a commercial facility
  • Want to reduce the number of delivery vehicles to a commercial facility

Benefits of GOAL

  • We accept requests made a day before or even on the day.
  • Temporary use during special sales and other events is also welcome.
  • Price marking and other options are available.
  • We provide just-in-time service to deal with issues with backyard spaces and your distant warehouse.

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