Management of the Initial Unloading at Commercial FacilitiesFacility Management


During the unloading period before the commencement of operations, the delivery of each tenant’s shipments—from retail fixtures to commercial goods—is concentrated in a short period of time. For the smooth commencement of operations, we adjust the planned unloading schedule with all tenants on behalf of the company that manages the commercial facility. We will also manage the entire process on your behalf—from placing protective covers in the facility to arranging the delivery vehicles and letting carriers in and out.

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Recommended if you

Developers, PM companies, or BM companies

  • Facilities with troubles in managing logistics or needs of showing attention to nearby residents, before opening
  • Facilities with anxiety about their opening because of the short preparation time
  • Facilities troubled by a shortage of parking lots for freight handling

Benefits of GOAL

  • We prevent delivery vehicles from causing traffic congestion during the intensive bringing in.
  • We take care of everything, including arrangements with your tenants.
  • We carefully cover walls and floors to keep the facility intact.
  • You can concentrate on your core business by outsourcing coordinating operations.

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