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Optimum is all about reducing waste. We maximize the value of your payments. We offer optimum storage spaces at optimum locations, depending on the properties and quantity of products and other items you handle. These items range from general consumer products, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, and clothing, to special products, including electronic devices and various industrial equipment.

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Recommended if you

  • Have a problem with inventory control
  • Have a cramped storage facility
  • Want to handle business during peak seasons and avoid waste during low seasons
  • Want to store only proper inventory at adjacent consumption places
  • Need a rationale for optimizing inventory turnover
  • Have issues in making overseas production work with domestic inventory

Benefits of GOAL

  • We design storage space locations and propose optimum areas for them.
  • It is possible to store medicine and other products that require temperature control.
  • We offer overseas inventory bases for long-tail businesses.
  • Eliminating the waste of storage space enables promoting labor-saving.
  • You can contribute to reducing environmental load, including CO2 emission reduction.

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