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To bring added value to your products and deliver them to users, we perform the following tasks on your behalf: inspection, confirmation that the products are free of leftover needles, tagging, price marking, repairs, bagging, packing, and labeling. You can expect a shorter lead time, higher productivity, and lower costs.

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Recommended if you

  • Want to expand sales
  • Have issues with labor control appropriate for distribution processing tasks
  • Have a problem that process control and staffing have significant effects on procurement and warehousing of materials
  • Need to work through licensing such as handling cosmetics

Benefits of GOAL

  • We provide custom-tailored physical distribution to meet your needs and requests. Our comprehensive support realizes the physical distribution process with safety, security, and high quality.
  • Comprehensive support for the entire process required to sell imported cosmetics is yours.
  • We flexibly deal with sudden issues, such as recoveries.
  • Material procurement managements and original products manufacturing are available.
  • We can flexibly cope with operations requiring many processes and sudden workforce change.

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