Mail-order/Online Retail Fulfillment3PL


We provide mail order and online retailers with comprehensive outsourcing services ranging from high-quality physical distribution to back-office functions so that they can focus on their core business. We fully support retailers and take their hands off accepting purchase orders, creating data, storing and delivering products, and responding to inquiries.

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Recommended if you

  • Want to streamline physical distribution tasks
  • Aim to expand sales
  • Have issues with complicated tasks including sales promotion, logistics, and delivery
  • Have issues with inventory disposal
  • Regard your current outsourced 3PL as an appropriate one
  • Want to conduct food and beverage mail-order or online shopping that requires temperature control

Benefits of GOAL

  • We comprehensively support mail order and online retailing back-office activities, including call center or collecting product tasks.
  • Integration of online shopping websites into the workflow of physical distribution is available.
  • We provide one-stop services, ranging from product receipt to delivery.
  • The SG Holdings Group handles all operations of this service.
  • Using bonded warehouses overseas enables EC for the Japanese market or cross-border.

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