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In preparation for the GIGA School Program, GOAL offers comprehensive support outside of preparing the equipment. This includes installing one device for each student and setting up power supply cabinets and local area networks. In addition to offering delivery according to the delivery destination, date, and time specified by each local government, we also offer custom-tailored services other than carrying your goods. This includes storage until shipping, distribution processing for shipping, kitting, installation on delivery, and call center setup and operation.

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Recommended if you

  • Are business operators involved in GIGA School Program
  • Are system integrators
  • Outsource kitting services

Benefits of GOAL

  • We offer "delivery" to suit your needs, including bulk delivery to schools or designated classrooms.
  • Equipment kitting is available in bulk regardless of the number of products.
  • We have an excellent extended warranty service (insurance) and after-sales services.
  • We continuously provide logistics services such as equipment inventory management supports, remake services, and parts supply services.
  • We have a proven track record in delivering and installing storage facilities.

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