Outsourcing of Physical Distribution Tasks3PL


You focus on your main work. We undertake all kinds of distribution tasks, including warehouse entry/dispatch control, storage, packing, invoice creation, delivery arrangements, and system management, depending on your operations and product properties. We help you reduce work hours and costs.

Outsourcing of Physical Distribution Tasksのソリューションイメージ図

Recommended if you

  • Want to entrust troublesome distribution tasks
  • Want to review fixed costs
  • Want to focus on a core competence
  • Do not want to stagnate logistics
  • Are considering medium- and long-term outsourcing distribution tasks

Benefits of GOAL

  • We deal with store products, control inventory, accept purchase orders, receive payment, and pack and deliver products on your behalf.
  • We create picking lists, invoices, and data linking; moreover, we adjust the workforce in response to fluctuations between peak and low seasons and propose ideas to improve physical distribution for higher productivity. By conducting them, we contribute to visualizing and optimizing the whole of your logistics, aiming at making logistics your core competence.
  • By outsourcing physical distribution tasks, you can focus on core business and make fixed costs variable ones.

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