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We utilize our multi-tenant distribution warehouses (SRCs) located across Japan as e-commerce operators’ platform centers to receive products, inspect, store, and process them for distribution. We not only transport products to wholesalers and stores in the distribution network but also offer nationwide delivery to customers who buy products through mail order or online.

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Recommended if you

  • Aim to expand sales
  • Want to streamline sales tasks
  • Want to optimize routed deliveries
  • Have a problem with vehicle shortage
  • Have the delivery variation, including the costs to keep unnecessary vehicles
  • Want to shorten delivery lead-time
  • Want to enable delivery within 24 hours
  • Focus on more delivery cost than time
  • Want to conduct a series of tasks such as distribution processing, storage, and product delivery of items direct from producing area

Benefits of GOAL

  • We support product delivery to wholesalers and stores.
  • We deliver products directly to those who buy them through mail order or online.
  • We support the delivery of products selling simultaneously across Japan and delivering on the appointed date.
  • You can have appropriate delivery methods according to the quantity of goods.
  • Routing is available, considering B to B delivery destination information.

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