Production and In-plant Logistics3PL


We support production logistics in your manufacturing process, ranging from the physical distribution management of materials and parts to the inventory control, packaging, and delivery of finished products. In addition to physical distribution management at your plants and warehouses, we propose ideas for more efficient and precise physical distribution, thus helping you enhance productivity.

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Recommended if you

  • Want to streamline manufacturing tasks
  • Want to enhance overall productivity
  • Want to break away from depending on individual skills
  • Want to eliminate stress from both production lines and logistics divisions

Benefits of GOAL

  • We fill in for you, conducting distribution jobs in your manufacturing process, including material management and cargo assortment.
  • Raw material management and inventory management of parts and components in plants are available.
  • We provide just-in-time supply to production lines in plants.
  • We have a long track record in transfer center operation.
  • With the arriving-vehicle management system, delivery vehicles can be managed.

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