Sagawa Express is promoting initiatives to efficiently recycle valuable resources in every area of its business activities.
We are promoting 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) initiatives, such as wearing eco- friendly uniforms, recycling vehicles, and reducing inventory loss.

Sagawa Express of Environment Activities

Sagawa Express Environmental Activity Report 2019

Download a PDF version of the Sagawa Express Environmental Activity Report 2019, which outlines the initiatives above.

Download Full Report

Please refer the SDGs Communication Book for details on the SG Holdings Group’s environmental and CSR initiatives, and the ESG Book for a variety of numerical data.

SG Holdings SDGs Communication Book
SG Holdings ESG Book

External Evaluation

Sagawa Express has received environmental management system certification and various environmental awards.

Environmental Management System Certification

Sagawa Express Tokyo Head Office has obtained ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems.

Environmental Management System Certificate of Conformance

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