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We help you with mandatory and voluntary product recalls. In the unlikely event that the products you have distributed in the market are defective, we will help you promptly collect them and manage the crisis. If products that need replacement or repair cannot be returned, our expert staff will visit where the products are to replace or repair them on site. When implementing this, we will promote prompt policymaking, preparations, and the steady recall of the products. We will handle everything, from issuing notices to receiving calls, collecting the products, and providing after-sales service.

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Recommended if you

  • Are having issues handling a sudden mandatory/voluntary recall

Benefits of GOAL

  • It is possible to outsource troublesome mandatory or voluntary recall tasks.
  • We offer system services in combination with each other.
  • We support writing reports, if necessary.
  • We can perform various engineering works.
  • We offer this service across Japan with much experience.

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