Return Support System (Kaishu-kun)Reverse Logistics


This system solves the issues that arise during the collection of returned products and simultaneous delivery and collection, and helps you create an efficient workflow. It can optimize your entire physical distribution operation. You can easily create a registration page according to the details of your operation and handle all transportations; the collection of returned products only, simultaneous collection and delivery, or the delivery of products only. You can check everything on the same website, from registrations to transportation and refunds, helping you respond to customers and share information smoothly.

Image of Return Support System (Kaishu-kun) solution

Recommended if you

  • Have a problem with product return
  • Want to review the current product return system
  • Have trouble in giving a refund

Benefits of GOAL

  • We can deliver non-defective products as an exchange when picking up defective products.
  • It is possible to pick up products at private homes.
  • Optimization of overall logistics operations can be realized.

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