Home Visits for Product Installation and On-site Replacement of Defective Parts Cases and Achievements

Company A
(Manufacturer and seller)
Reverse Logistics

Looking for a Contractor for On-site Repair

An unexpected situation came up, and Company A asked GOAL for advice, not knowing what to do and how to do it. GOAL predicted a possible flow of operations based on how the team had handled similar cases. Then, GOAL proposed home visits for product repair and on-site replacement of defective parts. Moreover, the costs were minimized by the use of the Sagawa Express Group’s integrated logistics.


A product of Company A suddenly turned out to have a failure. The company had great trouble, not knowing how to inform its users of the failure or how to recall the product.


Product recalls occur unexpectedly, and require immediate response and put pressure on corporate profits. Therefore, GOAL utilized its original system and proposed operations that were at the lowest cost possible.


GOAL found out that home visits for repair would be more cost-effective than replacements or refunds. As a result, Company A was able to recall the product at the lowest cost possible.

One-stop Support and On-site Assistance on the Day, Even at a Short Notice

Before asking GOAL for advice, Company A used to spend much expense on response to defective products. In the event of a defective product, even if a failure is limited to a single part of the product, the company recalled the whole product, replaced the part, and then shipped the product back. GOAL combined the Sagawa Express Group’s solutions and helped Company A with home visits for repair and on-site replacement of defective parts, thus significantly reducing product recall costs.

Voice of the Client

GOAL Solved Many of Our Issues All at Once

GOAL provided us with a wide range of product recall solutions through a single contact point, including a call center, a product return system, and on-site work. Although the recall was unexpected to us and caused us irregular tasks, we were able to focus on our core business because of the assistance from GOAL. We appreciate the one-stop support.

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