Solution for Swift Return of Irregular Products Cases and Achievements

Company B
(Manufacturer and seller of energy-related and other industrial materials and parts, electric appliances, and consumer products)
Reverse Logistics

Product Return, with the Company’s Pride at Stake, for Recovery of Trust from Large-volume Customers

A accident occurred with a product of Company B. The company tried to establish a system to inspect and repair the product right away, but it would be time-consuming and costly to set up a dedicated call center and put a dedicated system in place. Therefore, Company B decided to look for a contractor to which it could entrust the entire set of tasks. After having been torn between pressure and corporate cost management, Company B ended up consulting Sagawa Express just in time for the start of the tasks, and GOAL proposed reverse logistics.


An accident occurred with a product of Company B. For product recall, inspection, and repair, the company needed to prepare for delivery, establish a management system, and set up a call center within a short period at low cost.


GOAL recommended its Mandatory/Voluntary Recall Service, which covered all the necessary services a product recall involved, including shipping, physical distribution, management system establishment, call center setup, material preparation, and document creation.


About two weeks from obtaining private consent of Company B, GOAL developed a plan, presented it to Company B, established a system to handle the situation, and started the plan successfully on the scheduled date.

A Variety of Effective Services and Speedy Response Settled the Situation

GOAL prepared for a comprehensive service plan in place and successfully started operating it on the scheduled date, which was about two weeks from obtaining private consent of Company B. The service consisted of a written announcement to the customers; delivery; physical distribution; a management system to schedule deliveries and track the delivery status; call center operation; and packing material fabrication. Close collaboration between the call center and the delivery staff showed the true value of Sagawa Express as a shipping company. Our quick response to irregular situations is highly appreciated.

Voice of the Client

Scheme Established in a Short Period

If our company had decided to set up a call center and a management system by ourselves, two weeks would not be enough for us to get them ready to operate. Even in the start-up phase, there were more things to consider than we had expected. Sagawa Express’s know-how enables us to give shape to them. Many issues came up, but GOAL set priorities in the right way and did things according to priority, which led to the early start-up.

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