Intangible MeasuresBusiness Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) at Sagawa Express

Here we introduce some of our intangible measures for Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Management (BCM).

Visualization of Risks and Disaster Conditions

We are raising awareness of disaster preparedness among employees by providing information on regional risks for each sales office and past disasters in a visual format.

Risk Reports

We have mapped out scenarios for predicted risks (earthquakes/tsunamis, floods, landslides, liquefaction, etc.) predominantly at our sales offices, and displayed these alongside integrated numerical data at each site.

BCP Chart

We have integrated basic information on each sales office with information on emergency contacts, disaster histories, evacuation points (including for vehicles), and more, and created a chart which is on display at each site.
Through regular drills, we are checking and validating the efficacy of actual evacuation routes, times, and surrounding conditions. Further, we are raising awareness of disaster preparedness by updating these processes in real time.

Disaster Report Board

We have created a tool to quickly and accurately communicate basic information on each sales office and disaster damage for use during times of disaster, and have put it on display at each site.

An Integrated Platform Bringing Together Useful Information on Disasters, Disaster Preparedness, and Emergencies

BC Portal Site (Internal Website)

We have created an internal site that integrates useful information on disasters, disaster preparedness, and emergencies in order to streamline in-house communication and enhance employees' awareness of disaster preparedness. We have also built an in-house emergency information system to collect information on the damage to each sales office and to share information among group companies in the event of a crisis.

Introduction of a Crisis Management System and a Disaster Preparedness Timeline Service

We have introduced a crisis management system and a disaster preparedness timeline service for BCM supervisors so that they can access real-time information on accidents and disasters, and acquire disaster preparedness information based on weather forecasts.
Meanwhile, due to the increasing frequency of floods caused by abnormal weather conditions, it is important that we are always ready to adapt to such weather phenomena. Through the crisis management system and disaster preparedness timeline service, we are reinforcing our crisis management structure so that we are ready for any occurrence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Crisis management system

Crisis management/road conditions/railway operation/warnings/evacuation information/inland flooding/river flooding/volcano warnings/tsunamis etc.

Disaster preparedness timeline support service

Typhoon information/storms/strong winds/railway service suspensions/river flooding/power outage risks/snow risks/weather support

Other Initiatives to Increase Crisis Response Capabilities

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