Initiatives for Skills and Response CapabilitiesBusiness Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) at Sagawa Express

Various Drills (Skills Training)

Drills at Sagawa Express are undertaken to secure key resources and communicate information before practicing management decisions and instructions. The utmost priority when securing key resources is checking and ensuring the safety of employees. The next priority is to secure energy (fuel and power). We also investigate what to prepare in order to move our people and goods, and whether we can correctly utilize what we have prepared in times of emergency. Further, we routinely look at whether we can quickly make decisions and give instructions based on accurate information, and whether these instructions are taken on board.
At the same time, managers at all of our sites are given training on emergency life-saving techniques.

Management drills at the disaster response headquarters
Drills for pandemic influenza, etc.
Worksite BCP drills

Disaster Response Drills for Tsunamis Caused by Large-Scale Earthquakes

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Act on Promotion of Tsunami Countermeasures was formulated and enacted to protect the lives of Japanese citizens from tsunamis, and November 5 was designated as Tsunami Disaster Preparedness Day. To coincide with Tsunami Disaster Preparedness Day, the Cabinet Office is promoting various educational activities to further understanding and awareness of tsunami countermeasures. This includes the promotion of tsunami response drills and the communication of information relating to tsunami disaster preparedness. As a nationally designated public corporation based on the Basic Act on Disaster Management, at Sagawa Express we host tsunami response drills for employees at sales offices where there are tsunami risks to further improve our crisis response capabilities.

Site Conditions at Sales Offices with Tsunami Risks

  1. Sites in areas that are predicted to be at risk of flooding in local tsunami hazard maps that are within 5 km from the coast and less than 10 m above sea level
  2. Sites in areas that are within 500 m from the coast and less than 10 m above sea level

Four Initiatives for Tsunami Response

  1. Review of evacuation points and evacuation routes
  2. Acquisition and understanding of hazard maps
  3. Communication and education for employees
  4. Confirmation of wireless connections at evacuation sites
Tsunami response drill
Tsunami evacuation drill​

Other Initiatives to Increase Crisis Response Capabilities

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