Alignment InitiativesBusiness Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) at Sagawa Express

Promotion of Business Continuity Alignment

Reinforcing Regional Resilience

At Sagawa Express, we have signed disaster relief agreements and comprehensive partnership agreements aimed at regional revitalization with local administrations and governments, and regularly work to create face-to-face relationships with our communities.

Company exchange meeting

Cross-industry Coordination

We regularly coordinate with companies from other industries (information sharing, business promotion) to ensure we can maintain our supply chains and quickly restore them in times of disaster. We are also promoting the creation of a coordination/cooperation system to use in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Relief Agreements

We are engaged in a comprehensive range of activities through the disaster relief agreements we have signed with local administrations and governments. These include the promotion of community disaster preparedness; transportation and delivery of disaster relief goods; management and operation of cargo storage hubs; storage, receiving and shipping of cargo; and call center support.
Further, we have signed mutual cooperative agreements related to business continuity and disaster relief with infrastructure companies to ensure business continuity and contribute to the safety and security of citizens and companies in disaster-stricken areas.

Comprehensive Partnership Agreements

Comprehensive partnership agreements provide a framework for local governments and private companies to bring together their mutual strengths and resources to solve social issues facing regional communities.

  1. Community disaster preparedness and collection/delivery, sorting, storage, and transport of relief goods in times of disaster
  2. Tourism promotion and communication of tourism information
  3. Distribution and sales promotion of regional specialties
  4. Nurturing of children and youth
  5. Support for the elderly and people with disabilities
  6. Environmental protection activities
  7. Other regional revitalization activities


Resilience Certification

As part of the Organizations Contributing to National Resilience certification scheme, we were the first in the transportation/delivery industry to receive the Resilience Certification.

In the Japan Resilience Awards, we have won the Most Resilient Award for two consecutive years.

Japan Resilience Awards 2017

Most Resilient Award (Energy category)
Resilience measures for logistics infrastructure through the diversification of fuel for transportation and energy for general use

Japan Resilience Awards 2018

Most Resilient Award (National Land Conservation and Information category)
Logistics infrastructure and regional coordination model to enhance regional resilience

Resilience Certification/Certificate of Registration

Resilience Grading Certification

In the Resilience Grading system run by the Research Organization for Grading Japan, we were awarded the first Three-Star Resilience Company certification. This certification is awarded to companies and organizations who are proactively engaged in disaster preparedness and disaster reduction activities. In this case, we were recognized for our efforts to prepare for disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and large-scale typhoons.

Model Enterprise in Tokyo for Controlling the Simultaneous Return Home of All Employees

We were rated highly for our regular, proactive efforts to reinforce the resilience of our logistics structure, such as our creation of a system to supply distributed disaster stockpiles to each of our worksites for employees who cannot return home in the event of a disaster. We were also praised for our ability to supply fuel oil even during power outages—something we learned from our experiences of previous disasters—and our preparation of various food products and dedicated disaster relief packs for women.

Other Initiatives to Increase Crisis Response Capabilities

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