Current State Analysis (Visualization)Consulting


The environment of physical distribution changes with the times. Can you be sure that a long-standing physical distribution system is still the best choice for today?
We begin with visualizing the current state of your entire supply chain in preparation for improving delivery and physical distribution bases, costs, and quality. If you feel the need to improve something but don’t know where to begin, this service is the right one for you.

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Recommended if you

  • Are wondering where to begin for improvement in physical distribution
  • Are not sure if your current physical distribution system is sustainable or not
  • Are troubled by rises in physical distribution costs
  • Are considering whether you should outsource physical distribution

Benefits of GOAL

  • Would you care to use an outsider’s point of view to analyze your issues? This service enables you to share a common view of issues to solve throughout your company. We help you be prepared over one step ahead of the future.

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