Our Analysis and Proposals for Improvement Also Cover LPG Transportation and Delivery Platforms Cases and Achievements

Astomos Energy Corporation
(LPG importer, wholesaler, retailer, and distributor)

For Higher Productivity and Safety as the Industry Leader

Astomos Energy Corporation asked GOAL to diagnose its LPG transportation and delivery operations from the viewpoint of a delivery professional, wondering about the levels of productivity and safety compared with competitors’. Honestly, GOAL was not familiar with expertise in the LPG industry. Therefore, GOAL made contact with learned individuals in the industry to obtain industry knowledge, combined the knowledge with Sagawa Express’s know-how in delivery, and made proposals distinctive of Sagawa Express.


Astomos Energy’s LPG filling and other operations that transportation and delivery involved had various issues to solve, including efficiency, productivity, and safety.


GOAL reviewed filling stations and made proposals for improving safety in addition to delivery routes. GOAL began with working on safety improvements, to which Astomos Energy gave top priority.


For Astomos Energy’s group company responsible for LPG delivery, GOAL has provided staff training and developed safety codes to establish safety. In the off-season for LPG demand, GOAL helped the group company utilize its LPG delivery network to increase productivity.

Enhanced Safety and Entrenched Safety Actions

Analysis by GOAL revealed no serious production loss but an issue with transportation safety. For higher safety, GOAL provided Astomos Energy with nationwide staff training in know-how in the safety measures taken daily by Sagawa Express staff. Moreover, GOAL has established a system to further enhance the safety level at Gascrew Corporation, Astomos Energy’s group company responsible for LPG delivery, and helped Gascrew instill safety awareness into the staff. In summer, when LPG demand was low, Gascrew used its LPG delivery network to collaborate with Sagawa Express in freight transportation.

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