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We make proposals to solve all the issues related to physical distribution. Depending on your awareness of the issues, we hear the details from you, visit your location, and analyze the data. We analyze your physical distribution from every angle and make comprehensive proposals accordingly—from where you should ship goods, how you can enhance transportation and delivery efficiency, and where you can find room for streamlining.
We can offer different levels of analysis, ranging from simple initial analysis to detailed analysis that digs deep into the issues.

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Recommended if you

  • Want to improve physical distribution effectively
  • Want to optimize the physical distribution system totally
  • Are considering setting up a physical distribution base
  • Want to check whether the current delivery routes are appropriate

Benefits of GOAL

  • We conduct practical consulting based on a hands-on approach.
  • We offer flexible scopes of analysis and diagnosis depending on your budget.
  • You can examine from all angles, including delivery, locations, storage, and packing.

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