Our One-shot Acknowledgment Service Streamlines Time-consuming Placement of a Receiving Stamp Cases and Achievements

ReNet Japan Group, Inc.
(Small-home-appliance recycler collaborating with local governments across Japan)
Smart Delivery

Placing a Receiving Stamp on a Pile of Delivery Slips Was So Troublesome

ReNet Japan Group, Inc. used to believe that receiving a massive amount of delivery slips was inevitable in the course of its business and that it was unavoidable to place a receiving stamp on each slip. In those days, the company did not even recognize this issue as a target of business improvement. However, GOAL was confident that our Smart Delivery’s One-shot Acknowledgment Service would enhance this client’s work efficiency and proposed the idea of introducing the service.


A pile of goods was delivered daily with a pile of delivery slips.
The staff used to place a receiving stamp on each delivery slip when receiving goods. The more goods the client received, the more workload it had.


With the One-shot Acknowledgment Service, which we have developed for Smart Delivery users, you can easily acknowledge delivered goods on your PC. You can also view the distribution information of the delivered goods.


The stamp placing task that took dozens of minutes has been replaced by one-shot acknowledgment that takes only a few minutes, which has significantly increased work efficiency.

Powerful Effect of a Shift to Paperless Delivery Slips

Acknowledging the receipt of goods on a PC has significantly reduced workload. Moreover, going paperless has eliminated a pile of printed delivery slips, reducing environmental load.

Voice of the Client

Workload of Acknowledging the Receipt of Goods Has Dramatically Reduced

ReNet Japan Group, Inc.
Mr. Nakamura, Director

“Once a slip is scanned, it’s obvious the goods have arrived. Why do we have to place a stamp on the slip?” Listening to this real opinion of our employees, GOAL visited us to make an on-the-spot check of how they placed a receiving stamp on delivery slips when receiving goods. The team has developed a service to eliminate this stamp placing task, and the service has dramatically saved our time. The number of goods we receive is expected to keep on increasing. I am sure GOAL will work closely with our employees to develop operations along with the increase.

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