Smart Club for Business

Reduce the burden of back-office work
Sagawa’s Smart Club for Business

1. Easily create shipping labels
You can easily create shipping labels on your computer.
2. Easily request collection
You can request pick up of packages from the website.
3. Use digital invoices
You can issue and confirm invoices from the website.
By registering your user ID, you can use a variety of internet services offered by Sagawa Express.
  • Registration (application) is required to use Smart Club.
  • If you have already registered, please log in at the Smart Club login screen to use services.
For individual users
Smart Club

Available Contents

Online pickup ordering service
Request package pickup from the website

Online pickup ordering service

You can easily request pickup of packages from the website.

Online redelivery ordering service
Request redelivery of packages from the website

Online redelivery ordering service

You can request redelivery of packages from the website.
You will need the sales office number and package number listed on the failed delivery notice.
In some cases, you may be asked to enter your telephone number.

  • Not available in some regions.
  • You can request a redelivery date within 7 days from the date of failed delivery.
  • Packages will be redelivered to the address listed on the delivery form. Please note that the address specified for delivery cannot be change when using this service.
E-mail notification service
E-mail notification when package has arrived at sales office or has been delivered

E-mail notification service

Arrival of shipment at sales branch e-mail notification service

E-mail notification is sent when a package sent to a sales branch has arrived at the sales branch.

Delivery completion e-mail notification service

A delivery completion notification is sent by e-mail when delivery of the package is complete.

Easily create delivery forms from the website


You can create shipping labels, address books, etc., on your computer. This service reduces the burden of creating shipping labels.
All you need to use this service is a computer connected to the internet and a printer.

You can confirm a list of delivery status for packages

Web information service e-SAXIS (e-collect referral service)

With e-SAXIS you can confirm the details of your package delivery status.

  • Lists the delivery status of your shipped packages
  • Confirmation of receiving stamp information
  • Use various criteria to search for package information, etc.
TMS (chartered service)
A chartered delivery vehicle goes directly to the specified destination

TMS (chartered service)

A chartered delivery vehicle goes directly to the destination you specify.
In addition to heavy equipment, precision machinery, and other items which are difficult to handle using Hikyaku Mail Express, TMS responds to customer needs by carrying anything from private residential moves to relocation of offices and factories.

Product collection/return service
A chartered delivery vehicle goes directly to the specified destination

Production collection/return service

By using Sagawa Express Smart Club, when returns and refunds required, Sagawa Express will handle all process from collection to returns on behalf of the business.

Smart Delivery
The industry’s first custom-tailored delivery for delivery in a format that meets your needs

Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery is the industry’s first custom-tailored delivery that solves a wide variety of delivery-related issues by matching the customer needs.
We perform batch delivery after pre-sorting products by category, location, etc.

Return Support System (Kaishu-kun)
Increases the efficiency of collecting returned products and/or simultaneously delivering non-defective products

Return Support System (Kaishu-kun)

This system solves the issues that arise during the collection of returned products and simultaneous delivery and collection, and helps you create an efficient workflow. It can optimize your entire physical distribution operation.

Document Storage Management
Maintain confidentiality while transporting, storing, and managing documents

Document Storage Management

We use a document storage box to maintain confidentiality while transporting documents, etc., that need to be stored for corporate activities to a storage warehouse, and then strictly store and manage the documents. We also offer returns, browsing, and dissolution treatment for stored documents depending on customer needs.

Moving Service
Also supports moves of entire companies

Moving Service

We offer friendly and detailed services for a wide range of needs, from moves of entire companies to private residences.

Digital Invoice Issuance Support
Issue and confirm invoices from the website

Digital Invoice Issuance Support

This service allows you to check the issuance of digital invoices and inquire on fares for packages sent from our website.

Industry top-class payment-on-delivery service


This is a payment-on-delivery service that collects the purchase price of the shipment on behalf of the sender at the time of delivery. Payment at the time of delivery can be settled by cash or several types of credit cards or debit cards.
The service eliminates the hassle of membership registration for senders and is available with low credit card processing rates.

Sagawa B2B Settlement Service
Settlement service that prevents the risk of uncollected product payments

Sagawa B2B Settlement Service

We guarantee sales payments occurring in transactions between corporations, and reliably transfer the payment to the seller. This prevents the risk of uncollected product payments and allows sellers to focus on growing their sales.


You can register as a member for free.
However, rates may be charged for some services. For details, please refer to the page introducing each service, or contact your sales office or sales driver.

Flow in Using the Service

1. Register your Information

To use Smart Club for Business, you must first register (apply) and acquire a customer code. Please click the following button to register.

2. Receive e-mail

An e-mail notification for completed registration is sent to the registered e-mail address.

3. Registration Completed

After completing registration, you can log in and start to use services.

Notes on use

Services may be suspended for maintenance at the following times.
Every Monday from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.