TMS(Charter Service)

Service Overview

Service features

We will transport your package to the designated location by charted vehicle or by co-loading with two or more carriers.
Aiming to be a total logistics solutions provider, we offer versatile services based on the needs of customers, from heavy machinery and precision equipment, which are hard to deliver with the Hikyaku Express service, to personal house moving and factory relocation.

Send mutiple packages at once with on-time, safe transportation.
Hikyaku Private Chartered Transportation

We will transport your package to the designated place using our private charter service. We will send chartered trucks, sizes available from 2 tons, 4 tons and 8 tons, depending on the volume of your package. Our door-to-door delivery ensures safety against external factors that may cause damages to your package. Application for insurance is also available depending on the content of the package.

Available for large volume of packages, large-sized packages.
  • Not applicable to hazardous materials and prohibited items.
Send oversized packages.
Hikyaku Small-lot Chartered Transportation

We will transport oversized packages (total dimensions of 3 sides: between 260 cm and 500 cm; weight: up to 50 kg) that cannot be covered by a standard delivery service. The lead time is the same as that of standard delivery. By sharing the charter with multiple companies, transportation cost will be reduced as compared with a private charter.

Available for large household appliances, lengthy objects (total of sides up to 6m. 2 sides total up to 90 cm), bumper, muffler, robot, meter etc.

Matching of light freight service that is easy to apply for online. Available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Same-day expedited delivery is also available.
Available for corrugated box, perishables (frozen or chilled acceptable) etc.

Send mutiple packages without split delivery.
Hikyaku Pallet Chartered Transportation

We will transport packages that can be stacked on a pallet. The size is up to (W)1.1m× (D)1.1m× (H)1.2m (total dimensions of 3 sides) and 300 kg in weight. Because we utilize our own transportion infrastructure, it will also make your regular shipping much easier.

Send packages that exceed parcel delivery standards for weight and size.
Hikyaku Kangaroo Express

This service uses Seino Transport's infrastructure to deliver mainly packages that exceed 260 cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and 50 kg in weight, which cannot be handled by a courier service.
Sagawa Express will be in charge of parcel collection and Seino Transportation will be in charge of delivery.

We carry a range of items, such as lot products, tires, long products, wooden boxes, beer bottles, 1.8-liter bottle cases (on pallets), other large products on pallets, and automobile parts.
Problems with long distance shipping... I want to transport it in an environmentally friendly and efficient way!

Hikyaku JR Container Express enables customers to choose environmentally friendly rail transportation.
Available for rent in units of one container. (Also available for frozen and chilled goods)
In addition to conventional rail container transportation, which uses rail containers to transport cargo from pick-up locations to delivery destinations, we can also use regular trucks to transship cargo to containers in locations where containers cannot enter, such as buildings and narrow streets. With more than 120 freight stations nationwide, we deliver your goods to your destination using the most appropriate mode of transportation.

Customers who are eligible




Delivery charges vary depending on the quantity and contents of packages, collection date and time, collection place, delivery date and time, delivery destination, and other conditions. Please ask a sales office in your area for details.

Payment Method

Prepayment (Cash/QR code* payment)
Payment by cash or QR code on delivery.

Prepayment (accounts receivable)
A monthly invoice will be issued to senders. (*Available only for corporate customers)

  • QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

How to Use

  • There are two ways to apply for the service: direct application at a sales office in your area, or application through our "SMART CLUB" website. To apply through the website, it is necessary to register a user ID for the website and a password for the Charter Service in advance.

    Click here to visit the "SMART CLUB" website.

Please ask a sales office in your area for details.

Click here to search for a sales office in your area.

Notes on Use

  • We cannot handle dangerous items, money, and securities.
  • Delivery may be delayed as a result of traffic congestion caused by natural disasters or accidents, or abnormal weather conditions, etc.
  • Packing must be carried out by customers.
  • Please notify our staff of any personal information, high-value items, etc. contained in your package that require special care.


Please contact our sales office.

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