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Charter Service

Service Features

We directly deliver packages to a designated place using a chartered truck.
We offer versatile services to meet all your logistics needs, from delivery of heavy machinery and precision equipment, which are hard to deliver with the Hikyaku Express service, to personal house moving and factory relocation.

[Customer]Sender:Corporations Service available,Individuals available Destination Corporations Delivery available,Individuals Delivery available.[Payment Methods] Sender:Paid by sender(cash) Cash payment available,Paid by sender(credit) Monthly payment available.Destination: payment on delivery Cash&monthly payment both unavailable.
Monthly payment is available only for corporate customers.

Charges (for sending packages)

Delivery charges vary depending on the quantity and contents of packages, collection date and time, collection place, delivery date and time, delivery destination, and other conditions. Please ask a sales office in your area for details.

How to Use

There are two ways to apply for the service: direct application at a sales office in your area, or application through our "SMART CLUB" website. To apply through the website, it is necessary to register a user ID for the website and a password for the Charter Service in advance (It takes about two weeks to complete the registration).

Please ask a sales office in your area for details.

Notes on Use

  1. We cannot handle dangerous items, money, and securities.
  2. Delivery may be delayed as a result of traffic congestion caused by natural disasters or accidents, or abnormal weather conditions, etc.
  3. Packing must be carried out by customers.
  4. Please notify our staff of any personal information, high-value items, etc. contained in your package that require special care.