Solution for Troublesome Redeliveries
SAGAWA Smart Club

1. Notifies your delivery schedule.
Your delivery date and time will be notified by email in advance.
2. Delivery date and time can be changed.
Customize your delivery that suits you best.
3. Easy to schedule a redelivery.
You can schedule redelivery online.
By registering a user ID, you can use Sagawa Express's various online services.
  • Registration (application) is needed to use SMART CLUB.
  • If you have already registered, please log in via the SMART CLUB login page.
For corporate use, click the link below.
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About the Service

Online pickup ordering service
Request for a package pickup online. (Available only for individual customers) 

Online pickup ordering service

With this service, individual customers can make a pickup request online.

Package tracking
Check the delivery status online.

Package tracking

With this service, you can check your package delivery status online.
A tracking number written on the invoice is required when checking the delivery status.

  • Please note that package tracking for Hikyaku Mail Express is not covered in this service.
  • Tracking is available for 60 days from the day on which the package was shipped.
Email Notifications
Notifies by email when a package arrives at a sales office or at your location.

Email Notifications

Upcoming Delivery Notification

Notifies the upcoming delivery by email.
Rescheduling of the desired delivery date and time is available at recipient's convenience.

Delivery Completion Notification

Notifies by email when the delivery has been completed.

Delivery Attempt Notification

Notifies by email when the recipient was absent at the time of the attempted delivery.

Package Available for Pickup Notification

Notifies by email when your package is available for pickup at our sales office.

Online redelivery ordering service
Request a redelivery online.

Online redelivery ordering service

With this service, you can request a redelivery online.
A tracking number and a sales office number written on the delivery attempt notice are required when making a request.
(You may be required to enter your phone number.)

  • This service may not be available in some area.
  • Redelivery request can be made within 7 days from the day on which the delivery attempt notice was delivered.
  • Redelivery destination is the address written on the invoice. Please note that the destination cannot be changed.
Round-trip delivery ordering service
Round-trip delivery to hotels, etc.

Round-trip delivery ordering service

With this service, individual customers can request a round-trip delivery to areas such as ski resort, golf courses and hotels, etc.
After you have completed entering the delivery destination online, we will send our sales driver for the pickup along with the invoice.

Package Tracking Service
Check the history of deliveries from the past month up to present.

Package Tracking Service

With this service, you can check the history of deliveries that have been notified by email. (History from the past month up to present.)
History of deliveries shown up to 100.

  • Some deliveries may not be shown depending on the circumstance.


Membership registration is free of charge.
(Shipping fees and other charges will be charged separately.)

Flow in Using the Service

Register your Information

Registration (application) is needed to use SMART CLUB.
Please register on the new user ID application screen.

Registration Completed

Please enter your customer information on the registration screen.

Notes on use

Services may be suspended for maintenance at the following times.
Every Monday from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

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