Transportation of Large Objects, Special Objects, and Railroad CarsTMS


With a plan optimally customized to your business needs, we will transport large transports, such as heavy equipment and aircraft, delicate works of art, and special transports, such as animals, based on our conventional shipping methods, Exclusive Booking and Direct Delivery.

For example, railroad cars are known for being hard to transport.

Therefore, they are transported by land at night when traffic is low according to a detailed plan.
Sagawa Express can handle these types of transportation that use low-floor trailers.

We fulfill all the delivery needs for your business with our network.

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Recommended if you

  • Want to send goods too large for regular delivery services
  • Want to apply for government approval and license for the use of special vehicles on roads
  • Want to apply for permission for road use
  • Have issues to secure safe transportation routes or guarantee transport vehicles

Benefits of GOAL

  • We arrange safe transportation routes and transport huge objects safely and swiftly.
  • We dispatch special vehicles, including Shinkansen, trains, and airplanes.
  • Our network of experts in slinging, crane operation, lashing, and other techniques essential for transportation is at your service.
  • Our experienced staff with expertise solve your problems with special transportation.

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