Hikyaku Small-lot Chartered TransportationTMS


When you want to send some goods that cannot be covered by a parcel delivery service but are not so large or many for a whole truck, our small-lot pallet transportation service is the right solution for you. All your goods are placed on the same pallet to avoid split delivery, and you will be charged the same regardless of how much you load on a pallet within the rules.

Image of Hikyaku Small-lot Chartered Transportation solution

Recommended if you

  • Want to send goods too large for a parcel delivery service
  • Want to send a large amount of goods to a single destination

Benefits of GOAL

  • We transport goods not covered by parcel delivery services; the order is available from one pallet.
  • Chartering one vehicle with several companies enables chartered transportation at a low cost.
  • With a Sagawa Express customer code, this service is readily available.

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