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Moving warehouses outside of hospitals significantly frees up space inside.
It also significantly reduces the number of suppliers who flood through the service entrance of the hospital and reduces traffic on hospital grounds.
Managing multiple hospitals in one place enables us to streamline overlapping operations and carry out joint delivery.
We contribute to the safety and security of outpatients and hospital staff.

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Benefits of GOAL

  • You can shift a cramped warehouse built in the hospital to outside.
  • Sharing a single warehouse with multiple hospitals enables streamlining warehousing and distribution.
  • You can outsource the entire process, including storage at an outside warehouse, sorting by department, and in-house delivery.
  • It is possible to use the space used as a warehouse more effectively for patients and staff members.
  • This service provides great congestion relief in the inside carry-in space crowded with suppliers; you can achieve workload reduction and pedestrian safety.

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