Hikyaku JR Container Express

Service Overview

Service features

Hikyaku JR Container Express enables customers to choose environmentally friendly rail transportation.
Available for rent in units of one container. (Also available for frozen and chilled goods)
In addition to conventional rail container transportation, which uses rail containers to transport cargo from pick-up locations to delivery destinations, we can also use regular trucks to transship cargo to containers in locations where containers cannot enter, such as buildings and narrow streets. With more than 120 freight stations nationwide, we deliver your goods to your destination using the most appropriate mode of transportation.

By shifting the main transportation from trucks to rail, CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 90%.

  • CO2 emissions for station-to-station transport compared to commercial trucks

Sagawa Express's sustainability activities, such as efforts to reduce environmental impact, are introduced in "Sustainability - Aiming to Realize a Carbon-free Society".

An example of the transshipment service in operation
Pickup and delivery; transshipment at both loading and unloading stations

Customers who are eligible



Available Package Size

Available container size (12 feet)

Standard 12-foot container s will be provided.

  • 2,252 mm high x 2,275 mm wide x 3,647 mm long
  • Internal volume = 18.7m3
  • Maximum load = 5,000 kg
  • All types of containers are available. We can make suggestions on size according to your needs.

Converted into pallets

Corresponds to six pallets

  • Cargo should be loaded proportionally on six pallets.
  • Please fix firmly with film.

Converted into cargo volume

Approximately 16m3 in terms of cargo volume

Bulk loading guideline
Size 160 Up to 120 pieces
Size 140 Up to 170 pieces
  • Bulk cargo is up to 50kg/item.

Charge Calculation
The charge is the sum of (A+B+C): the on-rail portion (B) and the off-rail portion (A and C).

Payment Method

Prepayment (Cash/QR code* payment)
Payment by cash or QR code on delivery.

Prepayment (accounts receivable)
A monthly invoice will be issued to senders.
(*Available only for corporate customers)

  • QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.


Please contact our sales office.

The sales office in charge will provide you with a quotation and adjust the transportation schedule upon request.

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