Sagawa’s Strengths

Not only do we catch the obvious issues, but we also carefully catch potential issues and solve them with custom-made logistics.


GOAL (GO Advanced Logistics)
—Advanced Logistics Project Team—

In 2014, we launched GOAL—GO Advanced Logistics—to offer advanced logistics solutions.
It refers to Sagawa Group's cross-functional professional team that advances with you to reach the “Goal” of solving logistics issues.

GOAL aims to offer integrated logistics solutions to client companies by combining the functions of each of our group companies, including the nationwide network of Sagawa Express that excels in B2B logistics, the know-how we have acquired from SGL's distribution processing and warehouse operation, international forwarding, IT systems, and payments.

Simply solving the obvious issues of our clients is not enough for us to become more than just contractors. Only when we address their potential issues can we grow together as business partners.
GOAL aims to carefully catch the potential issues of our clients, establish a system, and contribute to their further growth and development as partners.
To achieve this, we try not to limit ourselves to conventional methods and are constantly implementing new initiatives.

We solve your issues with integrated logistics solutions that only GOAL can offer.

Cases and Achievements

From Upstream to Downstream
We Cover the Entire Flow of Goods

Our area of expertise is primarily downstream last-mile delivery where we deliver shipments right to the customers’ hands. However, the current issues in the logistics industry do not stop there.

Our group companies have diverse expertise and achievements in various fields, ranging from domestic/international logistics and mass transportation to infrastructure systems. By working hand in hand with them and improving our collaboration, we are able to expand our logistics business fields.

We are especially focusing on covering the entire flow of goods. We proactively engage in upstream activities, such as procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, and processing, to widely offer our problem-solving abilities across all logistics services outside simply carrying goods.

This is all to improve our clients’ supply chain.
As experts in problem-solving, we will carry out your projects from your perspective.

Comprehensive Logistics Supply Chain

Synergy and Teamwork
Across Sagawa Group

Since its foundation in 1957, Sagawa Group has been operating in a wide range of business fields other than just transportation services to fulfill the logistics needs of customers. We currently operate various businesses, from delivery and logistics to overseas/international businesses, real estate, and IT system businesses, and offer comprehensive logistics solutions to a wide variety of customers.

  • Focusing all of our group's strengths and offering advanced logistics solutions
  • Promoting digitization and implementing the latest technology in pursuit of increased efficiency and customer convenience
  • Expanding the customer base for our global logistics business and establishing a strong presence

In addition to being a comprehensive logistics company, which is an infrastructure needed by society, we simultaneously offer high value-added services to your entire supply chain.

GOAL Group Synergy


Next-generation Large-scale Logistics Center, X Frontier

X Frontier is SG Holdings Group's flagship center that combines various logistics functions of transit logistics centers, inventory logistics centers, and each group company.

At this site, it is possible to organically combine the various resources our group has, including delivery, logistics, international transports, and large/special transports. By establishing new solutions here and expanding the areas we offer help with, we will continue to enhance our system to provide support in terms of logistics to address your management issues.

The Three Values X Frontier Offers

The Development of Transportation Capabilities

X Frontier’s transfer center has 296 truck-loading docks (60 for unloading and 236 for loading) and 5 of the latest types of automatic sorting machines that have a high processing capability to sort 100,000 packages in up to 236 directions per hour. Thanks to this high processing capability, several Kanto relay centers have been consolidated, the transportation speed and capacity have improved, and the number of transport trucks on the main line has been reduced and their load factor has improved, enabling us to offer our customers a high-quality, stable transportation service.

New Solutions

By combining each of our group companies’ logistics functions, including transfer centers, distribution centers, international logistics, large/special transportation, and e-commerce platforms, we are able to create new solutions. For example, at SG Holdings Group, it is possible to handle the logistics process, from processing and sorting to shipping—which is usually performed at various sites—in one stop. However, by increasing the processing capability of relay centers and promoting automation and labor saving by using the latest logistics robots, X Frontier can help you further shorten lead time, optimize costs, and reduce environmental impact. Moreover, we are now able to handle international, large, and special transportation in one stop, expanding the areas we offer help with more than ever.

Contributing to SDGs

X Frontier also reduces environmental impact and improves the workplace environment through its business activities. To reduce environmental impact, we reduce the number of transport trucks on the main line by consolidating relay centers, and prevent traffic in the area by establishing a parking space for large vehicles that can accommodate 250 vehicles on the roof. This is expected to reduce CO2 emissions. We also work on improving the workplace environment by increasing the number of loading docks for unloading to decrease the waiting time of main-line transport truck drivers. Moreover, we reduce the workload of employees by installing automatic sorting machines and logistics robots.

Main Features of the Facility

Super Hub

By consolidating several Kanto relay centers in X Frontier, we are able to establish a more efficient transportation network and offer a high-quality, stable logistics service.

The Largest-Scale and the Latest Sorting Equipment

In addition to installing 5 types of the automatic sorting machines on each of two levels, we also have enough space to park a total of 296 vehicles. Approximately 100,000 packages can be sorted per hour.

Enabling 24-hour Operation

With a robust security system that includes a disaster prevention center, our state-of-the-art central logistics center can operate 24 hours.

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Expand Your Business Field Overseas
Sagawa Express’s International Logistics

Sagawa’s collective strengths can be used in Japan or overseas.
With the logistics we customize to your needs and Sagawa’s solutions that accommodate various shipping operations, we will support you to expand your business overseas.

Comprehensive Support for Cross-border E-commerce
From Collecting packages from Japan to International Delivery

Streamlining the Shipping of Packages Through System Coordination

By linking your system with Sagawa’s system, you can streamline your order receipt and shipping operations, such as issuing shipping labels and creating invoices for overseas transportation.
You can also track the cargo you have shipped and inform the buyers of the shipping status.

High-quality Delivery in Collaboration with our Overseas Transportation Partners

The shipments that we receive from you are delivered to buyers by our overseas transportation partners who can deliver them with the same quality as Sagawa. You can also contact us to handle requests for purchase returns or refusals of receiving shipments. You can ship your packages with peace of mind knowing that we offer transportation insurance.

Logistics Service and Distribution Channels in collaboration with Our Partners

At Sagawa, not only do we deliver your products, but we also collaborate with shopping websites and e-commerce malls to support those who are about to start cross-border e-commerce. We offer domestic and cross-border e-commerce logistics services utilizing X Frontier’s e-commerce platform.

Test Marketing

We offer support to your full-scale cross-border e-commerce by testing the sales of your products in limited areas.

Support for Opening an E-commerce Website

We can also provide support for payments, marketing, sales promotion, expanding your distribution channels, and selling your products on mall-type e-commerce websites.

Product Storage

Utilizing the functions of our complex logistics centers, we centrally store your cargo in Japan and overseas and complete the process from import and export customs clearance to shipping, all on the same floor.

We suggest the optimal transportation method and rate according to the customer’s needs.

Shipping Quantity

We suggest the optimal rate and transportation in collaboration with our partners overseas according to the shipping quantity per request.

Transportation Method

We suggest the transportation method, such as air or marine transportation, according to your business to suit your request.

Reliable Transportation

We offer high-quality delivery in coordination with our trustworthy transportation partners overseas.

Additional Support

We offer additional services other than delivery, such as introducing e-commerce websites to customers who are looking for new distribution channels.

Optimization of Rate and Delivery Speed
Customized Physical Distribution Tailored to Each Customer

The Smart Import Solution
By using our comprehensive logistics service from overseas plants to delivery, you can directly deliver your goods without going through a logistics warehouse in Japan.
 This will help you optimize logistics costs and the lead time until delivery. We can also offer you storage in Japan in one stop.

Direct Delivery from Overseas Warehouses to Japan! Leveling Domestic Logistics Operations!

Anything, to anywhere.
Solutions for Special Delivery

To support your entire supply chain, we offer various solutions from the procurement of materials and parts from overseas and their storage and processing until their delivery to stores in Japan.

Solution Examples

Transportation Other than Marine and Air Transportation between Japan and Europe

We have created a third transportation route utilizing trucks and rails to offer stable transportation services in conjunction with marine and air transportation.

Handling Large Heavy Goods and Medical Transportation

We will offer you a comprehensive proposal, from packing and unpacking large heavy goods to special transportation. Regarding medical goods, we are currently in the process of acquiring CEIV Pharma*. We offer this service with consistent quality and accurate temperature control.

  • We are participating in CEIV Pharma, the medical air transportation quality certification system by IATA (International Air Transport Association), the KIX Pharma Community, and the Narita Airport Medical Transport Community.

Cases and Achievements

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