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Smart Import is an integrated logistics service that has you covered from overseas plants to delivery destinations in Japan. It replaces the conventional procedures required after your products arrive in Japan. These include inspecting the products, confirming that they are free of leftover needles, sorting them by store, and issuing and attaching price tags and invoices to them. This helps you save import duties on defective products and skip distribution centers in Japan, optimizing physical distribution costs and reducing lead time.

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Recommended if you

  • Want to streamline tasks in Japan
  • Have problems with logistics processing caused by labor shortages

Benefits of GOAL

  • Delivery slips for delivery in Japan are affixed to the goods before they arrive in Japan, permitting direct delivery through Sagawa Express's delivery network.
  • Consolidating freight from multiple plants into a single container enables multimodal transport to a specified port.
  • With a bonded area function, we can offer buyers consolidation at an even higher level.

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