E-commerce of Frozen and Refrigerated GoodsCold Chain (Temperature-controlled Transportation Service)


The e-commerce logistics market has been steadily expanding, and consumer needs for e-commerce are endless. A few examples are thank-you gifts to the taxpayers who donate to local municipalities and direct delivery of produce from farms. We offer a strictly temperature-controlled cold chain for frozen and refrigerated goods in cooperation with Nichirei Logistics Group’s bases across Japan. We can also store the goods in warehouses near their consumption areas, perform distribution processing, including assorting, packing, and creating invoices, then deliver the goods to all parts of Japan.

Image of E-commerce of Frozen and Refrigerated Goods solution

Recommended if you

  • Have issues with adjusting production capacity
  • Need help from as early as the stage of procurement logistics
  • Need support in sending thank-you gifts to the taxpayers who donate to local municipalities
  • Want to have frozen goods stored for a long period
  • Want to conduct e-commerce delivery of frozen and refrigerated goods

Benefits of GOAL

  • Produce is stored in warehouses near the consuming areas for later stable transportation.
  • We store produce in production areas and deliver them to their consuming areas.
  • Frozen goods from overseas, too, are stored in Japan before being delivered to all parts of Japan by parcel delivery services.
  • To offer comprehensive physical distribution services, we also provide distribution processing for e-commerce products requiring temperature control.

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